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The S-70 helicopter was developed by the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation to respond to the US Army need for a utility tactical transport helicopter  (UTTAS).  It was flown in December 1974, and in December 1976, it was selected by the U.S. Army and given a temporary designation YUH-60A. Delivery of the first helicopter (under the designation UH-60A Black Hawk) took place in October 1978.

The helicopter combined excellent performance and high operational suitability, as evidenced by its various versions, used for both land and naval operations. It has proven its high operational qualities in various climatic conditions. It has been used for transporting troops and casualties as well as carrying supplies. Proven as a transport helicopter on the battlefield in Iraq, among others. It is also used for patrolling (FLIR camera, search radar in the maritime version) or electronic warfare. In the armed version, it can be equipped with machine guns, missiles, unguided or guided, as well as torpedoes (in the maritime version).

More than 5000 units built, a total of more than 15 million hours flown, in service of 44 countries, have proven themselves in the most rigorous conditions and offer a very high, over 85% operational readiness in combat conditions.

The S-70 BLACK HAWK is the Polish-made only export variant of the UH-60M BLACK HAWK. Since 2010, PZL Mielec has delivered 107 units in various configurations to customers from 11 countries.


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General characteristics

Black Hawk helicopters are built to operate in combat environments. Rugged, versatile and combat ready.

The helicopter has proven to be the most reliable, safest and best performing platform today. The maturity of the design combined with state-of-the-art solutions such as fully integrated glass cockpit, composite rotor blades, automatic flight control systems with coupled flight director and active vibration control systems make the S-70 the best in its class. The dual GPS/INS system with digital map allows precise navigation even in the most difficult tactical conditions.

The fuselage structure is designed to maximally protect the occupants, e.g. during emergency landing. A cargo hook provided in the lower part of the fuselage allows suspending a cargo of up to 4082 kg. At the rear of the helicopter, the fuselage transitions into a tail boom, which ends in a vertical stabilizer. The tail rotor and the horizontal stabilizer are attached to the vertical stabilizer.

The S-70 BLACK HAWK helicopter, designed to meet military needs, which are more stringent than commercial standards, provides much more capability and safety when used for civil missions (search and rescue), providing ruggedness typical of helicopters used on the battlefield.

General characteristics

Key discriminators determining the survivability and reliability of the S-70 are:

  • dual redundant electrical, hydraulic and flight control systems,
  • increased power of GE T701D engines and wide rotor blades ensuring safe flight while transporting 13 troops and equipment. Rotor blades resistant to firing by 23mm projectiles,
  • controls, hub and power transmission system tolerant of ballistic impact,
  • armored pilot /copilot seats with the option of armored side wings of the pilot seats and armored cargo cabin - floor and sides,
  • jettisonable cockpit doors and windows of the cargo cabin doors,
  • landing gear, pilot and troop seats absorbing hard landing/crash energy of 11.9 m/s,
  • dual redundant and fail-safe tail rotor controls,



  • upper part of the cargo cabin retaining its shape at high overloads
  • excellent one-engine out performance
  • heavy parts not moving at 20/20/18G-loads
  • rear wheel protecting tail rotor in case of hard or emergency landing
  • crashworthy fuel tanks
  • multifunctional 300psi cabin flooring absorbing hard/emergency landing energy
  • cockpit canopy resistant to crushing from high-explosive projectiles
  • NVG compatible formation lights
  • maintainability in field conditions
  • possibility to use different types of slings on the outer "wings" - armament or fuel tanks.

One helicopter, many missions

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Close air support with precision guided weapons. Variety of weaponry and fuel supply configurations.

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The MEDEVAC version of the helicopter can accommodate 6 casualties on a stretcher. Additionally, the interior of the helicopter is equipped with on-board oxygen supply equipment.

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A version trusted by 11 countries. Protection for dignitaries.

Combat class resistance to damage from gunfire and ground collisions. Durability even in the harsh flight conditions with maximum comfort and high quality passenger cabin equipment.

Zasób 73@6x.png [7.40 KB]


The helicopter in this version is used for surveillance and reconnaissance operations aimed at countering illegal migration or protecting national borders. 

Employ the power of the EO/IR sensor during scout missions.

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The most proven platform for performing SAR missions. Bolt on a rescue hoist to perform humanitarian assistance and disaster relief missions. An electro-optical sensor and weather radar will greatly assist the (combat) search and rescue mission.

Zasób 69@6x.png [5.80 KB]


The firefighting (FIREHAWK) version allows to effectively fight forest fires and respond to emergencies. Extinguish ground fires with a Bambi bucket from the cargo hook, or with a belly-mounted water tank.

Zasób 62@6x.png [4.68 KB]


Carry 4,080 kg/9,000 lbs. of supplies as an internal or external load. Sling load firefighting Bambi bucket or light vehicles from the cargo hook, then release to the ground from a hover.

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Black Hawk is a proven, best-in-class multi-mission helicopter. By adding high combat effectiveness, we can quickly reconfigure a fleet for a range of military and humanitarian missions. 



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