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The M28B BRYZA is a utility, transport category airplane with a short takeoff and landing capability (STOL) which can be operated from short unpaved airstrips. Tactical capabilities include take-off with a load over 2 tons from an airstrip only 548 meters long and quick reconfiguration of the cabin to different versions.

The dynamic, versatile airplane is powered by two turboprop engines equipped with Hartzell blade propellers. The radio navigation equipment allows for both VFR and IFR flights, day and night. A state-of-the art navigation systems, advanced inertial platforms, weather radar, modified de-icing system and aerodynamic data center are the equipment that makes the M28 operable in all conditions.

Designed for both special missions and operational tasks, the M28B Bryza offers some of the best performance in its class. The glass cockpit avionics ensures full compatibility with the CNS/ATM air traffic control regulatory requirements, allows flight in any controlled area (TCAS, TAWS) and landing approach in accordance with RNAV/GPS procedures (implemented SID/ STAR procedures). The system is also prepared for military operations (IFF, EGI, TACAN, V/UHF and HF communications, NVG), including any tactical approaches with the use of night vision goggles. It also allows defining patrol missions of any profile.

General characteristics

General characteristics

M28B Bryza airplanes are equipped with two turboprop engines of different types, depending on the aircraft versions (TWD-10B, PZL-10S and PT6A-65B).

Basic parameters of the PT6A-65B engine used in the lates version of the aircraft:

  • engine type - turboprop with a free turbine,
  • take-off power on the propeller shaft 1100 HP (809 kW),
  • nominal power on the propeller shaft 1100 HP (809 kW),
  • operating conditions - ambient temperature -50°C ÷ 50°C.


Basic parameters of the Hartzell propeller:

  • propeller type - variable pitch, feathering and thrust reversible,
  • 5-blades,
  • propeller diameter - 2.8 m.
General characteristics

Fuel tanks, together with two fuel supply pumps in each tank and fuel gauge transmitters are located inside both outboard wings and the centerwing.

The total capacity of the fuel system is 1960 liters (516 US gal) or 2278 liters (601 US gal) depending on the version. The outboard wing and centerwing tanks can be refueled either through fillers or pressure-filled (single point or central refueling). The pressure refueling system is provided with a double protection system against overfilling, with an option for manual control.

The Bendix/King equipment allows the operation according to VFR and IFR requirements day and night all-weather.

The operation of the M28 Bryza family airplanes in the Polish Armed Forces began in July 1984, when the first AN-28 aircraft was flown at WSK PZL Mielec. Over time, after heavy modernization, the M28B Bryza airplanes were developed, currently M28B 1R (reconnaissance version) equipped with the ARS-400 maritime patrol radar and the PIT-made ŁS-10 Łeba tactical communications system. These airplanes are still used by Naval Air Force for patrolling the Polish sea border.

One aircraft, many missions

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The passenger version with fixed seats is designed to transport of up to 19 passengers on board.

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The cargo version with cargo lifting and attachment system is used for cargo transport or cargo drop operations. The on-board cargo hoist makes loading and unloading easy and fast with no external power source required (useful for example in jungle airfields). A roller floor, when installed, facilitates the deployment of cargo in the cabin as well as its drop during flight.

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Medical version with stretcher, on-board medical equipment and seats for medical staff.

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The paradrop configuration allows transporting and dropping of up to 17 paratroopers. It includes special benches with seat belts, as well as gate and signaling system. Except paratroop operations, aircraft can also be used to drop cargo pallets if roller floor is installed. The paratroop version can be additionally equipped with the PJRS (Parachute Jump Rescue System), to save lives of paratroopers stuck while dumping.

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Maritime patrol  Reconnaissance

The passenger version with fixed seats is designed to transport of up to 19 passengers on board.



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