We provide extensive after-sales and service support for aircraft manufactured by PZL Mielec. We perform modifications, including integrations and retrofitting of platforms with specialized mission equipment dedicated to the profile of performed air operations.

We are also open to cooperation in the field of maintenance of other types of aircraft, within the limits of our technical, certification and license capabilities.

The mainstay of our maintenance activity are certificates and approvals held, qualified and certified personnel plus specialized equipment with infrastructure. Our capabilities and competences allow us to provide a wide range of after-sales support, which ensures the operational continuity of our products and quick response to reported technical problems.

At our customers’ demand, for newly delivered products, we run permanent service facilities, helping to introduce our aircraft products to operation at its initial stage, as well as emergency service groups providing warranty and post-warranty service worldwide. In addition, we work to extend the service life of our products.

We systematically analyze defectiveness rates of our products in order to improve their quality and reliability.




Global sustainment & product support

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Service, repairs & overhauls

Removal of failures found in service, verification and repair of units built on aircraft. Implementation of service bulletins. Technical support during operation of aircraft.

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Training of flying crew and technical personnel. The centers are registered in the Training Institutions Register (RIS).

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Spare parts

Sales of spare parts. 

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Modifications to aircraft in operation and integration of specialized mission equipment.



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