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The M28 model 05 is a STOL commuter aircraft capable of taking-off and landing from unprepared airstrips. It is a high-wing cantilever monoplane of all-metal structure with double-fin empennage, tricycle non-retractable landing gear with steerable nose wheel. The twin-spar split wing consists of a centerwing and two outboard wings.  The M28 05 is powered by two PT6A-65B turboprop engines with max. 1100 SHP and Hartzell 5-blade propellers with feathering and reverse.

Depending on the mission, the aircraft is available in the following configurations: passenger, cargo, combi, VIP, parachuting, medical evacuation, maritime patrol (MPA), search and rescue (SAR). The floor construction and the attachment system allows the following equipment to be installed interchangeably: passenger seats, paratroop equipment, medical equipment, cargo and special equipment operator stations.

The lower part of the fuselage accommodates joints for attaching the under fuselage  luggage pod. Cargo loading and transport is provided by cargo hoist and rails on-board. A roller floor supports cargo drop. PZL M28 05 aircraft is a platform manufactured by Polskie Zakłady Lotnicze in Mielec continuously since 1995. In total, over 100 M28 aircraft have been produced in commercial (M28-05) and military versions (Bryza).


About M28

General information
  • short takeoff & landing (STOL) capability
  • excellent flight handling at low airspeeds
  • high payload capacity
  • unpaved airstrip operating capability
  • easy access through rear cargo door, fitted with a cargo hoist for cargo loading and deployment on-board
  • high-wing structure
  • easy and quick reconfiguration of the cabin interior (utility versions)
  • low operating cost
  • PT6-65B engines
General information


M28 aircraft holds the following type certificates: EASA.A.058, U.S. (FAA) A56CE, Indonesian (DGAC) A054, Taiwanese (CAA) VTC-118, Nepalese (CAAN) 153/2, Brazilian (ANAC) 2015T10, Indian (DGCA) 07-13/2016-AED, Colombian (CAA) 5106.17, South African (SACAA) J15/12/391 and Kazakhstan.


One aircraft, many missions

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It is the ideal version for transporting and dropping cargo as well as for commuter air transportation to inaccessible regions.

The on-board cargo hoist makes loading and unloading easy and fast with no external power supply required.

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COMBI configuration is a combination of passenger and cargo version. It is also possible to combine a medical and parachuting version depending on the needs and profile of aerial operations. Passenger seats can be folded at any time and the cabin can be adapted for cargo transport within 7 minutes.

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The parachuting configuration allows transporting and dropping up to 17 paratroopers and includes special benches with seat belts, as well as gate and signaling system.

Except paratroop operations, aircraft can also be used to drop cargo pallets if roller floor is installed.

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The medical evacuation version is designed to save and sustain peoples’ lives while transporting injured to the closest hospital.

The MEDEVAC version (6 stretchers plus 8 seats – benches from parachuting version) in connection with the rear door allows very quick and easy boarding and embarking injured persons.

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The passenger version is designed to carry up to 19 passengers on board.

Up to 300 kg of passenger luggage can be accommodated in the under fuselage luggage pod.

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The configuration is equipped with a highest standards interior for up to 8 passengers transportation. This version includes sound-proofing system, exclusive galley, toilet and comfortable stairs. The LUX EXECUTIVE version is designed for up to 13 passengers transportation.

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The SAR (Search & Rescue) configuration is designed for search and rescue operations and is equipped with EASA certified Maritime Surveillance System. The system is designed for detection of surface objects, recording and storing target tracking data.

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The maritime patrol (MPA) configuration is designed to perform maritime patrol operations.

The standard MPA configuration includes SAR/ISAR radar, FLIR camera, AIS and rescue equipment, however the M28 is flexible to install various missions equipment.

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The configuration features special equipment: maritime patrol radar, thermal imaging camera for day and night observation, IR/UV scanner for detection and quantification of pollution on the sea surface.



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