General Description

M. Adamski



The M18 Dromader is designed for ag air operation of large fields areas and forest-, bush-, and crop fire fighting. M18 has been type-certificated by 15 foreign airworthiness authorities, including the USA (FAA), Canadian, Australian, Brazilian, EASA (EASA.A.056) and others. The airplane is a single-engined, low-wing, all-metal monoplane with a fixed-type main gear and a tail wheel. The airplane crew consists of a single pilot, but a provision is made for transportation of one person of the ground maintenance personel. The power plant is a radial, air-cooled, supercharged engine of 1000 HP takeoff power and a four-blade, metal, constant-seed propeller. A large fibreglass hopper is located behind the powerplant group and forward of the cocpit for higher crashworthiness and pilot safety. The airplane is designed to operate from rough ground, or unprepared airstrips of ≥ 3.5kG/cm2 ground capacity.


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