PZL Mielec - a Sikorsky Company is a company where meets tradition and modernity.


Over 80 years history of the company, which was an important element of relationship in the local enviroment which had an impact on the most important and appreciated things for employees.
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation has became an owner of the company since 2007. Sikorsky has a big impact on production technology and significant company’s development. Therefore, the company promoted the attitude of openness, flexibility and rapid adaptation to change.
In conclusion, among the promoted employee skills and attitudes can be found, such as

Professional Competence, in other words: expertise, unique skills acquired over years of experience in the workplace;

Respect the safety standards this is one of the requirements of corporation, which has a special meaning. Each employee wishes to be responsible with their work and their colleagues return safety home after work;

Business ethics – a clear ethical attitude as building professionalism in the implementation of business commitments, as well as protect the company and its employees against the dangerous - the competence of leaders, visionaries, such persons, who decide about business development, they determine the rhythm, pace and direction of the company's progress, and engage employees to new challenges;

Developing talents - is the power of modern managers in a developing company who are able to select talents and develop them (coaching) allows for translating the vision into action long-and short-term, thanks to the company know what you should do.

Focus on results – an attitude, which allow employees achieving the desired effect. PZL is strongly interested in the development of such behavior among its personnel at all levels of the organization;

Focus on costumer – allows correctly realize and adapt costumer’s needs

Adapting to change is a desirable feature in PZL Mielec that change the mode of action and work to adapt to market needs.


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